Putney Family Healthcare

putney family healthcare

Putney Family Healthcare takes care of managing all your health care needs, whether you are well or ill.  With a focus on wellness and prevention, we are here to serve you and your entire family; from infants to seniors.

Practitioners Kari Dickey, DO, Richard Fletcher, APRN and John Todd, APRN, FNP provide skilled professional and caring healthcare services to all their patients.  We care for your whole family, one person at a time.

Services available are:

  • Routine physical exams and health screenings
  • Sick (acute care) visits
  • Immunizations and flu shots
  • Lab work including phlebotomy
  • Preventive health care
  • Prescription refills in 48 hours
  • And much more!


Putney Family Healthcare is located at 79 Main Street in beautiful Putney, VT.  They are accepting new patients and look forward to having you join their family.

Call today for an appointment: 802-387-5581.

Anxiety in the Primary Care Setting

By John Todd, APRN, FNP Anxiety is an emotional and physical health problem. It is marked by feelings of fear, unease, and worry that can sometimes be so severe as to make us feel physically unwell. The source of these feelings is not always known. Sometimes it involves past trauma or injury; someti...  View Details »

Upper Respiratory Issues Part 2: Chest Colds

By John Todd, APRN, FPN In this second article, I’ll try to answer some questions about chest colds: What is a cough? When is it okay to suppress a cough? What can help get rid of a chest cold? A cough often comes after “the sniffles” and the post-nasal drip that settles onto the chest. [&hell...  View Details »

Upper Respiratory Issues Part 1: Head Colds

By John Todd, APRN, FNP We’re deep in the season for head colds, chest colds, and flu and if you haven’t gotten a flu-shot, it’s not too late. Getting a flu shot reduces a person’s likelihood of needing to visit an Emergency Department by 50% during that flu season. As a Family Nurse Pra...  View Details »

Kari Dickey, DO

The Challenges of Rural Health Care

By Dr. Kari Dickey As strange as this may sound, I remember deciding to be a doctor when I was three years old. I loved trying to help all the little injured animals I found near our family’s house in Keene. Then as I got older, all the kids would come over to my house […]...  View Details »

Maggie Lake, FNP

This Holiday Season, Make Sure You’re Happy

By Maggie Lake We all have the perfect holiday image in our minds: gifts galore, beautiful decorations and parties, great food, happy children tearing through one perfect gift after another. Maybe we remember our own perfect childhood holidays. We want to recreate them or versions of the stories we ...  View Details »

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