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brattleboro internal medicine

Brattleboro Internal Medicine is committed to providing comprehensive medical service aimed at improving your health and well-being. The physicians and associate providers pride themselves on their high standard of care, offering services targeted to all aspects of health with an emphasis on maintaining good health through regular physical examinations, a healthy diet, regular exercise and appropriate screening tests. They also possess an active interest in who you are, and in tailoring care to what’s important to you.


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Paul Stanchfield, PA-C

Medication Safety – Avoid Being Hurt by Your Medications

By Paul Stanchfield, PA-C Modern medicine has produced an astonishing array of medication to cure infections, prevent life threatening complications of chronic disease and alleviate pain and suffering. Unfortunately medication can also cause harm. When this happens it is called an adverse drug react...  View Details »

Why Women Need to Watch Their Blood Pressure

by Roxanne Karter There has been an increased focus on heart disease awareness and prevention for women within the medical community of late. While it remains the number one killer of both sexes, recent data shows that a male’s risk of dying from heart disease has declined over the past few decade...  View Details »

Treating Depression in Primary Care

By Roxanne Karter A wellness visit is an opportunity for your primary care provider to examine your health at regular intervals. In addition to the stethoscope, blood pressure gauge and tongue depressor, our ears are one of the most important tools we bring into the exam room. Because oftentimes wha...  View Details »

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