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Dehydration Also a Cold Weather Risk

By Dr. Peter Foote Following is part two of a two-part column on cold-weather injuries. When it’s a humid August day and the sun shines brightly without a cloud in the sky, the perspiration beading up on our foreheads is a reminder to make sure we’re drinking enough water. This is particularly t...  View Details »

Don’t Let Frostbite Ruin Your Fun

By Dr. Peter Foote Following is part one of a two-part column on cold-weather injuries. January is Vermont’s coldest month, meteorologically speaking. In the Vermont Weather Book, author David Ludlum says this is the time of year when the Atlantic jet stream travels its southernmost course, leavin...  View Details »

Putting Resolve into New Year’s Resolutions

By Dr. Janine Foote So what resolutions did you make when the clock struck 12:01 a.m. this past Sunday? And how are you doing on them so far during this first week of 2012? Starting the new year with a self-improvement goal is a time honored tradition. You can ride that global feeling of having [&he...  View Details »

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