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Your hard work and play can take a toll on your muscles and skeleton.  If you experience an injury or chronic condition that requires orthopaedic care, you can rest easy.  Brattleboro Memorial Hospital is home to the expert doctors of BMH Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine.

Dr. Elizabeth McLarney, Dr. John Thatcher and Dr. William Vranos are skilled clinicians and surgeons, with experience diagnosing, treating and repairing a wide variety of orthopaedic conditions.

“Our comprehensive services include minimally-invasive arthroscopy of large and small joints, treatment of fractures, and total joint replacement,” says Dr. Vranos, “and the quality of care is very high.”  Up to 70% of cases can be addressed without surgery.  But if your condition does require surgery, you’re in good hands with experienced, successful surgeons who perform hundreds of procedures a year.  Dr. McLarney believes the vast majority of local people don’t need to go anywhere else:  “Here you get cutting edge orthopaedic care, with a personal touch.” As Dr. Thatcher puts it, “We enjoy our work and our craft, and I think that comes through in our quality of care.”

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Maureen Mahoney, PA-C, ATC

Plantar Fasciitis…A Real Pain in the Heel

By Maureen Mahoney, PA-C, ATC Do you get stabbing pain in the heel or bottom of your foot with your first steps out of bed in the morning? Does it feel better once you start walking around? Does the pain return after standing for a long time or at the end of the day? Do […]...  View Details »

Five things that I have learned as an orthopaedic surgeon

By Elizabeth McLarney, MD In my almost 20 years of being an orthopaedic surgeon, I have learned many things. There are a few things that I would like to share with you. Motion is life. Orthopaedic surgeons say this because we know if we don’t keep the soft tissues around a joint moving after surge...  View Details »

Lateral Epicondylitis, Better Known as Tennis Elbow

By Dr. William Vranos Lateral epicondylitis, also known as tennis elbow, is one of the most common adult ailments seen in the offices of orthopedic surgeons. Approximately 1-3% of adults will experience lateral elbow pain at one time or another in a given year. For the most part, the discomfort is m...  View Details »


by Jon Thatcher, MD It is an unpopular reality that our bodies begin a slow decline after our mid 30s as we slide into those “golden years.” Differences in hair color, muscle mass, and eyesight are obvious changes, but what goes unnoticed is the gradual loss of bone mass. Often it is not until a...  View Details »

Surgeons Discuss Joint Replacement Options in Series of Talks

Southern Vermont Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine will present a three-part discussion series entitled, “A Joint Effort: Conversations about Orthopaedic Surgery and Integrated Care.” During each presentation, the audience will hear about advances in joint replacement techniques from orthopaedic ...  View Details »

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